About the Paintings

Road and Night Road

Train journeys provide the opportunity to make a series of quickfire drawings of open landscapes and those peripheral spaces between cities. The speed of travel make incidents segue and overlap, as the landscape unfolds in time and space; so the drawings rely on quick 180° horizontal scans, abbreviation and lightness of touch. Sitting on the train I also know the feeling of driving in the dark, on the motorway at night, seeing the lines of headlights and flashes of hidden outbuildings. 

This work refers to that hinterland between agricultural land and a landscape dissected by motorways and out of town shopping centres. These places on the edge of town are familiar, although the ubiquity of certain shapes and formats can make the town nameless. The spaces in the paintings are seen more as though you are floating over them rather than being grounded in them. This particular work is concerned with the landscape genre - but in a way that is linked more to dream than realism. They are glimpses/ abbreviations / scans - but there is a distance from the anxiety of these spaces – as they are glimpsed from the enclosed lit warm capsule of the train rushing through the landscape. They ‘are both a record of an event and an absorbing introspection: a journey…that explores geography and psycho-geography, landscape and culture.’


Old Road

River, Pool, Wood